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Leading the SEL Movement

SEL For Educators

Teachers, School Counselors, Principles, Coaches, Cafeteria Staff, Janitors...come one come all!  Join the SEL Movement!  It's a simple equation, happy, calm, connected adult = happy, calm, connected child. And see a sample of testimonials below and see what educators have to say for themselves.

- SEL Certifications

- SEL Classroom Materials

- SEL Trainings

SEL For Students

Have you ever told a student to calm down?  Have you ever taught them how to calm down?  Let's teach them that, and how to feel their feelings and honor others, and how to replace negative thinking with things like gratitude, empathy and compassion...Yes! Let's do it!!!

- Curriculum Integration

- Calm Corners

- Direct Teachings


Are your students more dis-regulated after recess? What are some good strategies for smooth transitions?  We asked neuroscientists to influence the best practices.  Let's walk down a path of helping everyone in the school be happier together.

- Teachers

- Principles

- Administration


School Integration

Beginning of the day. End of the day. Throughout the day.  We do it all and more...during class, transitions, lunch, time out, gym, art, parent teacher meetings, teacher strategies for being healthy emotionally.  And at the end of the day, we can be that much happier because we looked out for our own health so we can be healthy for others.

- Climate and Culture

- Classrooms

- Curiculum

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About Anchor

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SEL and Mindfulness Cards for Teachers and Parents


These SEL and Mindfulness Cards for Teachers and Parents from our parent company, Present Moment Labs, offer research-based tools to help students, teachers and parents build social-emotional learning (SEL) and mindfulness skills.

SEL includes the process of cultivating self-awareness, understanding and managing one’s emotions, practicing social-awareness, developing healthy relationships, and learning to make responsible decisions.

Mindfulness is the act of practicing present moment awareness to have a more clear and focused mind. Through these fun and easy to use cards, and the accompanying guide, educators and parents have the opportunity to build inclusive and caring learning environments.


All cards are associated with Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) Core Competency icons.  When the cards are used with the Teaching Guide, they become a pre-k through 5th grade curriculum and can be woven throughout the school day.


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Lead Trainers

These educators are standard bearers in SEL and mindfulness.  They travel the globe bringing what they love to those they love...students and other educators.


The SEL For Education Team is of the most talented which means they  help create schools filled with  happiness, love, kindness, peace, joy, connection, wellbeing, empathy, belonging and compassion.  

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This was all so good for my mind, body and soul. I feel very well equipped to share this wealth and knowledge to students and staff at my campus. — Caprice J.

Enough words cannot express the immense gratitude I have for the opportunity to participate in this Mindfulness Certification. It opened my view and gave me fresh and new tools to enhance my daily professional and personal practice.  — Narghis E.

My students and myself are already experiencing the joy of being aware and grateful of the present moment and be able to recognize themselves and accept them as they are with no judgement. Also, we are being able to manage and lower anxiety and stress. Thank you so much, I am forever grateful.  — Laura L.

I really see a clear path for academic integration. Explicit skills for social emotional learning will be taught and practiced. What better way to impact our climate and culture than to use the skills presented during the MCT training. — Susan K. S.

This was such an amazing way to connect with educators and stakeholders across the district. I have continuously received feedback that it was a life-changing experience. — M. Noele S

This was a great experience and after taking this course I practice mindfulness daily and I make it a point to check in with my students on a daily basis, after the weekend and before the weekend. Also if I sense or know that something is not quite "right" with the student's emotional well being (change in behavior) — Shauniesa S

I loved the Mindfulness training and started incorporating the breathing techniques and SEL cards with my students.  It was an amazing experience that I really benefited from in the classes.   — Rosa G

This training was an awakening for me.  It has helped me apply my own strategies and added more for me to teach others.  It is a great blessing to get back to living in the moment rather than worried about tomorrow.  Being grateful is the best thing I have adopted from this training.  Thank you for helping me to get back to my purpose in my life-me. Now I see the trees greener, feel the wind in my face, and see clearer about living in the presence.  — Melissa M

I am so pleased that there is an organization out there that is dealing with the science of being in the present moment so that the opportunity to become self- aware, socially aware , self- managing, better at relationship building, and making better decisions is active and in the fight of hope, belief,  faith that all can be full of wellness.  — Kenneth H

I went in to a 5th grade class on Thursday, I purposely selected this class with behavior issues. I wanted to see how they would respond after lunch, usually they are very loud….I told the students that I needed their help with my homework assignment and needed to read something to them. I read the Gratitude script. The students seemed to be really into it, listening to my every word. When I finished, they all stood up and clapped for me. I was like, "Wow."  That really motivated me to visit other classrooms. I asked if they felt better now than before I began, they did and it really made my day. The teacher told me that she was really having a hard day and this was just what she needed to calm down and move forward. :-) — Angela P

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